Parents and Community

016c7141c4347172649068eb352e36d4cd8668c390Building a school for the community is very important to us all at Kilburn Grange School.  We hold a fortnightly meetings for Friends of Kilburn Grange School which is our Parent, Teacher, Community, Association (PTCA).  We discuss ways in which we can support the school to improve.  We now have a regular body of parents (approximately 25) who are always keen to feedback on all aspects of school life.

For more information on current school events, please take a look at our fortnightly newsletter.

Meet the teacher:

Please take a look at the essential information from the autumn term meet the teacher events in Meadow Class, Lake Class and Dale Class.

PhonicsRemember to read with your child each night.  Please don’t worry if it is a book they have previously read, as we are encouraging the pupils to get to know the books really well and build up their fluency.  We also need to ensure that the pupils to have studied the book in school first so that they have gained a little familiarity and learned to decode the key words.



Curriculum Information Leaflets

These information leaflets are sent to parents at the start of every term with details of the exciting learning that will take place over the half term.  The leaflet also includes ideas for how you can support, enrich and extend your child’s learning at home.

Parent Questionnaires

We ask parents to complete a questionnaire each term as your views are important to us.

Our most recent survey was done in February 2017, click here to see the results. For our previous survey, click here: questionnaire.

In May 2017 we had the annual KGS Parent Survey where we had an amazing 90% response rate fro parents. We’re really pleased with the results and if you’d like to have a look, please click here to see the headline stats and here for the full letter.

Minutes from the PTCA Meetings

We hold regular PTCA meetings, but just in case you were unable to attend, please take a look at the minutes.

View the Kilburn Grange School Nativity:


Click here to visit the Parentpay website. We encourage parents to use this website to make online payments for trips, clubs and meals.

Please let us know if you have any problems with the website.



If you wish to become a community or parent member of the PTCA, please contact info@kilburngrangeschool to find out more information.