School Day

As part of our parent-friendly approach to the school day, we will be offering wraparound care on site during term time. In addition, a wide variety of after-school clubs will be available.

Our slightly earlier start time and later finish time will help parents who have two school runs.

Canopy installedThe proposed timings for the school day are as follows:

07:45 – Sunrise Breakfast Club
08:30 – School gates open
08:45 – School day begins
15:30 – School day finishes
15:45-16.45 – After-school clubs
17.00-18:00 – Sunset After-school care

To ensure that we align with local provision, our term structure will mirror that of LB Brent.

Timetable of the School Day

This is the timetable for the current school day in reception.  The morning session is more structured as the pupils take part in phonics and writing.  the afternoon has mathematics and learning areas where the pupils initiate their own learning from a range of activities pre-planned by the class teacher.