Wildlife at Kilburn Grange

On Friday 16th Year 3 had the pleasure of having Zoolabs come in and teach us all about a few animals which are native to the tropical rainforests we’re currently learning about this term.
The students had the privilege of showing off their newly learnt and in depth knowledge of rainforests to our visitors from Zoolabs as she went through her presentation and accompanying questions.

The fauna that came to visit were:

giant snail – which can grow larger than a football
a scorpion, which when shone with a UV light it turns a fluorescent blue/green
4 stick insects (2 different types)
A millipede
A frog
A golden Burmese python (from America, as rainforest snakes are either too big or deadly)
A frog
The students had a great time and we would like to thank Zoolabs UK again for coming out to Kilburn Grange.

Check out the amazing photos below: