How do I apply for a school place?

Kilburn Grange School is a one-form entry school, which means that our allocation for each year group is limited to 30 pupils. Applications for places at our school are administered by the London Borough of Brent, and therefore parents and carers must apply via the Brent Council through their online portal.

Every year, the closing date for Reception class applications falls on 15 January, and notification letters are sent out the following April communicating the result of the process.

PAN and Oversubscription Criteria

As mentioned above, the published admission number is 30 places into Reception from September 2023. The school will admit up to this number each year to the Reception year and when full the school has 210 pupils on roll.

Where there are fewer applicants than places available, all applicants will be admitted.
In the event of there being greater demand than there are places available, and after the admission of children with an Education, Health and Care Plan that names the academy places will be offered using the following oversubscription criteria in keeping with the School Admissions Code 2021.

See our full admission policies below, for more details on tie breaker, waiting lists, appeals, and in-year admissions:


Parents who are not offered a place for their child have the right to appeal to an independent appeal panel. Parents wishing to appeal, should submit their claim online on the Brent Council’s website.

The appeal claim should be submitted and reach the Clerk to the Appeal Panel within 20 school days of the date of the letter confirming the decision not to offer a place. The school will publish an appeals timetable annually on its website showing the relevant deadlines.