Aims and Ethos

Our vision is to inspire and nurture young hearts and minds so that they learn, enjoy and succeed in every aspect of their lives.

As Kilburn Grange School is part of a trust called the Bellevue Place Education Trust (BPET), we have underpinned our curriculum aims with the three key words that are an important part of BPET’s commitment: Learn, Enjoy and Succeed so they are brought to life through our curriculum offer. We have outlined our curriculum vision and intent under these three headings.


  • We use the National Curriculum guidelines in order to develop a rich, relevant and purposeful curriculum.
  • Our creative curriculum is immersive and provides a clear context for their learning.
  • We want children to develop a love of learning that goes beyond the scope of the curriculum and prepares them for their future adult lives, whatever they may be.
  • Our enrichment and extra-curricular activities offer a varied range of memorable experiences to complement and facilitate learning.
  • As an inclusive community, we aim to nurture the needs of all learners, challenging them and enabling them to make progress and achieve.
  • Our curriculum aims to equip each child with the appropriate knowledge and skills to develop their own academic potential, personal and social values in preparation for life in the evolving British society.

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