Debate Competition

Thirty-six children from five schools met yesterday here at Kilburn Grange Park School for our first ever BPET Debate Competition. The children were assigned a topic and a position to argue for, splitting into teams representing the ayes or the nos for each topic. After a little preparation, the children stepped into their seats, ready to describe their positions on …

Maths Fun in Year 6

In Maths, Year 6 practiced making and drawing nets of 3D shapes. They look amazing!    

Year 4 Learning about Money

Year 4,Pine Class have started learning about their new topic, money! They use concrete resources to see how many items on a list they can buy!  

Computing in Year 6

Year 6 are working hard to complete a series of geography challenges using Google Earth and Google Maps!  

Trip to the Farm

Holly class had a fantastic time at the farm on Thursday! They learnt a lot about the animals and what the males, females and children are called. They also got to see some tadpoles up close and Farmer Dan told us about the stages of the tadpole.  

Chicks in Y2 Holly Class

Holly class were so excited to see the chicks arrive into their classroom. They have seen the eggs hatch and the chicks out of their shell.  


Year 6 went on their PGL trip this week, they had an amazing time doing various of activities and got up to so much fun. Some activities included rock climbing, water rafting, hiking and playing hide and seek in the forest!    

Making Ancient Egyptian pyramids in Year 4

Rowan class made Ancient Egyptian pyramids using sugar cubes and glue for their DT session. First, they designed their structure and discussed the resources they would be using.

Year 6 go to PGL

The Year 6 are off to PGL! After a week of SATs , This morning the Year 6’s happily headed off to a well deserved trip to PGL for some fun and laughter.

Well done to Year 6

Congratulations to Year 6 for working so hard for their SATs. For a well deserved break after all their hard work during SATS week, the children went to the park. A big thank you to Chef Darren for cooking a variety of breakfast for Year 6!