Education Vision

Kilburn Grange School will provide a welcoming, safe and stimulating learning environment, fostering links between school, home and the wider community.

We will seek to optimise educational opportunities and outcomes for children of all abilities and backgrounds aged 4-11, enabling every pupil to achieve confidence and success through high quality educational experiences rich in core learning including ICT. We will raise pupils’ and parents and carers’ aspirations by combining the best that the independent and state sectors have to offer, and in so doing will raise standards. Our ambition is quickly to become an Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ school which all parents/carers in the area want their children to attend.

Our developmental strategy for success involves three key aspects: developing and sustaining outstanding teaching, maximising the use of ICT to support learning, and securing the wellbeing and confidence of pupils so they are happy, safe and secure learners.

Bellevue Place Education Trust (BPET)

Kilburn Grange School will be part of the wider Bellevue Place Education Trust family of schools and will have links with a number of schools across London and the Home Counties. BPET was established to offer a combination of the best that state and independent education has to offer to a wider range of parents and pupils from diverse backgrounds.

Our goal is to be outstanding in what we do in all our schools by providing a nurturing environment with the highest expectations for academic achievement, personal development and pupil well-being. With a combination of dedicated expertise from Bellevue Education and Place Group, BPET successfully combines a wealth of experience in opening and running schools. As is the case with all free schools, Kilburn Grange School will be run on a not-for-profit basis.

A school at the heart of its community

While Kilburn Grange School will have the advantage of following the successful BPET model already in place, we will be seeking the views of parents and community members on key aspects of school life to ensure that the school fits the needs of the local community it serves. Community governors will represent the local community on the school’s local governing body.

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