Excellent Parent Survey Results

Parent Survey Results June 2017

We recently invited all of our parents to complete the annual KGS Parent Survey and we’d like to say a huge thank you to all of you who responded as we had 90% of families complete it. The results of this survey are very important to us and we will use the data to support the forward planning of the school. Click here to read the full letter sent to parents by Ms Richardson.

The parent community are very satisfied with school life at Kilburn Grange School, with the majority of parents describing the school as a happy and caring environment with high standards and clear values.

There is a very clear sense of what most parents regard as the primary strengths of the school. The most common responses were:

  • The clear school values which encourage the children to be caring, kind, and independent learners
  • The range of school trips and extra-curricular activities on offer to the children
  • A welcoming and professional staff and leadership team

Question                                                                                     % who graded Strongly Agree or Agree 

My child enjoys coming to school                                                                                                       96 %

The school develops my child’s independence and responsibility                                              100 %

The school’s values and attitudes have a positive impact on my child                                       100 %

The school is welcoming and secure                                                                                                   98 %

Children have opportunities to develop socially and emotionally                                                 98 %



I would recommend Kilburn Grange School without hesitation. My child is not only happy to come to school everyday and the learning is fun. The school teaches children to be caring and clever!

My daughter has been extremely happy at Kilburn Grange since her first day and looks forward to going to school and seeing her friends and teachers. She also looks forward to learning at school and coming home to show us and practice with us.

Kilburn Grange consistently exceeds every expectation. I could not be happier with the way my daughter is growing and blossoming. We feel very lucky we found it!

Lovely, friendly, easy to approach teachers who are very motivated a interested in teaching and give little kids the best possible knowledge from the beginning. Encourage kids to reach their potential and achieve the maximum. The words ” no, I can’t do it ” are not used in Kilburn Grange. Every child gets as much support and help as she/he needs. Kids are confident.