School Development Plan

How are we making Kilburn Grange School even better?

School Development Plan Summary 2020-2021

Vision statement:

  • To put the children at the heart of everything we do in order for them to learn, enjoy, and succeed.
  • To create a school that inspires and engages children’s hearts and minds and prepares them for life in their communities.

Leadership and Management

  • Develop new and existing leaders at all levels who lead by example and who are clear about their impact on the progress and outcomes of children.
  • Develop a full Local Advisory Board with a varied skills set that supports the school through effective community engagement and overseeing of educational provision.
  • Ensure safeguarding continues to be robust and all staff understand what needs to be reported and the procedures for reporting. All children are safe from radicalisation and extremist views and the Designated Safeguarding Lead team work together to ensure this.
Leadership structure

Quality of Education

  • Develop purposeful dialogue in all classrooms and in all subjects that has an impact on progress and outcomes.
  • Ensure that the curriculum has clear intent, is implemented robustly, learning is embedded in long-term memory and there are regular opportunities to review its impact.
  • Embed new trust-wide assessment procedures and use this data to inform whole school priorities as well as priorities and next steps for individuals and classes.
  • Ensure that all children make progress and that outcomes are as follows:
  • EYFS Good Level of Development 78%
  • Phonics Screening Check 83%
  • Reading, Writing and Maths Year 2 78% Expected Standard with 15% Greater Depth Standard

Behaviour and Attitudes

  • Continue to prioritise attendance in line with national figures of 96.5% and to tackle persistent absence.
  • Ensure the consistency of Class Dojo points’ allocation across the school.
  • Create a parental engagement overview to share with parents ensuring they understand the necessary changes as the school expands.
  • Aim to establish a fully functioning PTCA.
Behavior and attitudes

Personal Development

  • Ensure that, with expansion, the school values W.E. C.A.R.E. are consistently revisited and the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development, PHSE and Fundamental British Values are planned for explicitly throughout the curriculum.
  • Ensure the Personal, Social, Health and Economic (PSHE) Education scheme of work Jigsaw is taught effectively and parents/carers contribute to the development of the PSHE curriculum following the new statutory Relationships, Sex and Health Education guidance.
  • Continue to involve School Council in key decision making as the school expands through the introduction of the school development plan.
  • Continue to plan visits, visitors, workshops and a range of quality after-school provision to enhance learning.
Personal development