What people are saying about the school

Please click on the link below to see the recent Headteacher interview for theKGXAABQ-258-1024x731 Mums in the Wood parental advice website.

The site is full of advice for beginning parents and “Mummy
meet Ups” are held every week in St John’s Wood. http://mumsinthewood.com/teach-them/an-exclusive-interview-with-mrs-helen-richardson-headmistress-of-kilburn-grange-school/

Parents found the workshop this learning to learn workshop very valuable. Muna’s dad said, “It was very high calibre.” Victor’s mum said, “It made me think.” Eddy’s mum said, “It was really great and that she was impressed.”


The school is not only catering for the educational needs of the children, but also giving parents the opportunity to support their child’s learning by the various workshops offered and the frequent opportunity to join your child in the classroom to read with him/her”.


“My child’s maturity has developed greatly. He has learnt to be more sensitive to others, learnt to share, curious to learn in more exciting ways and become really independent and supportive to others”.


“Our son not only enjoys coming to school to see his friends, he is passionate about learning and has developed socially. I would recommend Kilburn Grange School with no hesitation and truly cannot wait for the further development of the school and the success of its pupils”.


“The school has been really supportive, not just to my son but to myself. My son really enjoys coming to school and always talks about the lessons he has done and the books he has read.”