‘You said, we did’ Parent ideas

‘You said, we did’ is an idea that gives parents the opportunity to raise changes they’d like to be seen within school. The school then has the chance to address these requests to make Kilburn Grange School the best it can be for pupils, parents and staff.

Here are some examples:

  • You asked for a noticeboard, we’ve now got one!
  • Lunches – we’ve made changes to the lunch menu
  • There is now a ‘Suggestions’ box
  • Scooter Park – Parents helped to build a scooter park so that the children can now bring their scooters to school
  • We’ve introduced home learning projects
  • We’ve provided children with brand new school jumpers as free replacements
  • We are going to try and give more notice for school events
  • You asked for a bigger gate outside the school and we’ve now been able to do this as the boys’ school have moved out.