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We have underpinned our curriculum drivers with the three key words that are an important part of BPET’s commitment: Learn, Enjoy, Succeed. These are brought to life through our rich and broad curriculum offer so that all children learn, enjoy and succeed in every aspect of their lives. Our six curriculum drivers are:


Our school curriculum offer comprises of a planned educational experience, that grows children’s hearts and minds:

We use the EYFS Framework and Development Matters to devise the teaching and learning in Reception. Each half-term’s learning is planned around an overarching topic, incorporating children’s interests and next steps. There are seven areas of learning (three prime areas and four specific areas), which are underpinned by the three characteristics of effective teaching and learning.

We use the National Curriculum as the guidance to devise teaching and learning in Key Stages 1 and 2. Each half-term or term, children learn about a new topic that is linked to a History, Geography or Science unit. The children also explore a range of diverse, high-quality literature in reading and writing lessons linked to this topic. As much as possible, we plan for cross-curricular learning whereby the learning across various subjects is linked to this overarching topic. This also includes educational visits and visitors. However, some subjects do not link to the overarching topic and are taught discretely such as Mathematics, Computing, Music and Spanish.

See our Whole School Curriculum Overview. Each half-term, parents receive a curriculum leaflet that outlines what children will learn in each subject. You can find the curriculum leaflets here.

Our curriculum is also underpinned by our eight key inclusive quality first teaching principles which are a fundamental part of our Teaching and Learning Policy.

We have high aspirations for all pupils: we want children to leave our school making good progress from their starting point across various subjects, be independent lifelong learners and respectful, responsible and caring citizens.

If you have any questions on the curriculum, which are not covered on this website, do contact the school office.