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Kilburn Grange School

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Trips & Residentials

Educational trips and residentials provide unique opportunities for children to learn outside the classroom, develop important life skills, and are an important part of a child's learning experience. These experiences are designed to complement the curriculum and enhance the children's learning in a fun and engaging way.

We understand the importance of caregivers and parental involvement in our trips and residentials, so we provide detailed information about each trip, including the itinerary, activities, and safety measures in place.

Local visits

Local school visits are one of many ways for children to gain knowledge on topics taught in our curriculum, while engaging with their local community. 

Some of the local trips our pupils have been on are:

  • London Zoo and farm trips, where pupils meet animals and learn about them
  • Kilburn library, to explore the library environment, books and occasionally meet authors
  • London Wetlands, a day trip packed with activities ranging from a nature trail to a puppet show
  • Science Museum and its Wonderlab
  • Tower Bridge, where pupils learn about the history of the bridge, how the drawbridge works and also visit other London nearby landmarks
  • Natural History Museum
  • Maritime Museum 
  • Postal Museum
  • Hampstead Heath

Art trip to Italy

In June 2024, our Year 6 students will be off on an unforgettable adventure! Thanks to the Turin scheme, they'll be embarking on a five-day residential trip to Florence, Italy. Through visits to world-renowned art galleries like the Uffizi Gallery and the Accademia di Belle Arti, children will come face-to-face with iconic masterpieces by Michelangelo, Da Vinci and Botticelli.

They'll not only learn about artistic techniques and styles, but also gain a deeper understanding of the historical context that shaped these works. By exploring the city and the architectural marvels like the Duomo cathedral, students will gain a first-hand appreciation of the architecture and its lasting influence, and an opportunity to embrace the food, customs and the traditions of Italy. They'll return home with unique memories, an improved global perspective and an enhanced appreciation for the beauty of art.

Peter Gordon Lawrence Adventure Centre

A two-day residential trip at Bawdsey Manor has been organised for summer 2024, for the third year running. Our Year 6 students will be able to engage in a variety of activities such as climbing, abseiling and archery, in a safe and supportive environment.

This thrilling experience is designed to build resilience, independence, confidence and team building skills. While on this trip we also aim to equip your child with valuable communication and problem-solving skills. This experience will undoubtedly create lasting memories for your child while fostering important personal growth.