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Religious Education

We recognise that the personal development of pupils - spiritually, morally, socially and culturally - plays a significant part in their ability to learn, achieve and thrive. Religious Education (RE) is an important part of preparing our pupils well for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life in British society. RE develops an individual’s knowledge and understanding of the religions and beliefs present in the rich heritage of culture and diversity in the United Kingdom.

It contributes to pupils’ personal development and well-being and to community cohesion by promoting mutual respect and tolerance in a diverse society. RE provides a key context to develop pupils’ understanding and appreciation of diversity, promotes shared values and challenges racism and discrimination. It also gives pupils the knowledge, skills and understanding to discern and value truth and goodness, strengthens their capacity for making moral judgements and for evaluating different types of commitment in order to make positive, healthy choices.

RE is usually taught for one session each week across every year group. Lessons in RE are theme-led and last for a term; our RE curriculum is based on the Twinkl scheme of work. From Year 1 onwards, each year group visits a different place of worship each academic year. This way, all children will have visited several places of worship by the time they leave us in Year 6. In the Early Years Foundation Stage, RE is integrated into the EYFS curriculum; it is taught and planned through whole-class teaching, discussions and continuous provision.

The highest result of education is tolerance. – Helen Keller