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We are North West London dodgeball champions!

Yesterday, Kilburn Grange School’s pupils from Year 5 & 6 beat hands down 11 other teams at the North West London Dodgeball Championship, and were crowned the winners!

Our eight pupils won all matches scoring sometimes 10-0, and sealed their supremacy with a 6-0 at the final game.

Coach K, who is passionate about dodgeball, is incredibly proud of her pupils, not simply because they were crowned champions, but because of how the children played as one united team, and behaved respectfully of others.

She said: “I work hard with pupils to create a culture of winning and losing respectfully, and I’m beyond delighted that I could see this coming through. It was so clear that an opposing team stayed on to support us, even if they had been defeated. It is not about winning, it is about creating healthy champions that understand the real meaning of sport.”

Headteacher Ms Khinich said: “I am absolutely delighted on the excellent outcome our pupils have achieved. I couldn’t be prouder of our team. They have demonstrated our school values of endeavour, aspire, collaborate and of course enjoy wholeheartedly. A massive thank you to Coach K and her assistant coach in the making, Ms Masmoudi.”

Our team have now qualified for the regional heats; this is the second time that the school is taking part in the British Dodgeball Championship, having reached the finals last year.